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Numerical study of the effects of bed resistance and groundwater conditions on the behavior of geosynthetic reinforced soil walls
Type Article
Reinforced soil wall . Geosynthetic . Bed condition . Finite element method. Limit equilibrium
Due to the difference in the behavior of the reinforced soil wall on a compressible or loose bed, relative to rigid bed, investigating the behavior of this system on a compressible bed is considered necessary. In this research, the behavior of geogrid reinforced soil seated on a bed with different resistance parameters and different groundwater levels, using finite element method for the analysis of deformation and forces, and limits equilibrium method for checking wall stability, has been evaluated. Also the effect of wall height, in two categories with a height of 4 and 8 meters is considered and evaluated. The result showed that reducing the resistance parameters bed of reinforced soil wall, would lead to increase lateral displacement of the wall and tensile load of the geogrids, and to reduce the wall's stability. Also as the surface of groundwater level closer to the below of reinforced soil wall, the lateral displacement of the wall will be more and the overall stability of the wall will be less, and this effect of groundwater on the wall's behavior is significant at a distance of zero to one meter below the wall.
Researchers Vahed Ghiasi (First researcher)