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Assessment the effect of pile intervals on settlement and bending moment raft analysis of piled raft foundations
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pile intervals; numerical analysis; piled raft foundations; settlement of raft; bending moment
Application the pile group foundation to reduce overall settlement of the foundation and also avoid a very fruitful settlement of foundations, inconsistent was carried out. In such a case, in event that the Foundation, not as a mere pile group, which as a system consisting of a broad foundation with pile Group, economic design criteria will be provided in spite of high safety. A new approach in the design of the Foundation can be introduced as the piles are just a tool to improve the parameters of soil hardness; that it can work with detachable piles from raft. Centralized arrangement of piles as the most optimal layout of piles in reducing inconsistent settlement, which is the lowest value of resulting layout in this differential settlement. Using the combination of piles connected and disconnected to form the raft, bending moment created in the raft is reduced. It also concentrated arrangements have greatest effect in reducing
Researchers Vahed Ghiasi (First researcher)