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Methods of Retrofitting the Foundation of Unreinforced Masonry Buildings
Type Article
Retrofitting, Unreinforced Building, Masonry Building, Seismic stimulations, Foundation.
A large part of the existing buildings in Iran is from type of unreinforced masonry that have been designed and implemented in the absence of any seismic regulation which are known as the most vulnerable building against earthquake. Public awareness of the consequences of the earthquake is relatively new in Iran and in addition, nature of earthquake and other limitations of engineering about these buildings show another perspective on this issue, the aim of this paper is to retrofitting the foundation of unreinforced masonry buildings that here in after briefly called masonry buildings and describes the methods previously used about this type of buildings completely and various methods of retrofitting the foundation of masonry buildings against seismic stimulations are discussed and illustrated therein.
Researchers Vahed Ghiasi (First researcher)