May 25, 2024
Omid Amani

Omid Amani

Academic rank: Assistant Professor
Education: Ph.D in English Literature
Faculty: Literature and Human Sciences


Suffocated within a Loop: An Analytical Reading of William Blake’s “The Mental Traveller” and Other Poems
Type Presentation
William Blake, Psychosis, Fantasy, Symptom qua Sinthome, The Mental Traveller
Researchers Ghiasuddin Alizadeh، Omid Amani


The present literature on Blake’s poetry, puzzling to scholars since his own time, proves unsuccessful in justifying the gloomy tone and perplexing nature of this poet-artist’s oeuvre. This study focuses on three main issues: cyclic movements in “The Mental Traveller” in relation to his other poems, the repetitive themes throughout them, and the continual presence of a certain mood of terror and sorrow in his works. Using the psychoanalytic concepts of symptom, fantasy, and the mental categories, we conclude that Blake’s being a psychotic is the reason for the issues presented, distinguishing him from his peers as a unique figure.