May 25, 2024
Omid Amani

Omid Amani

Academic rank: Assistant Professor
Education: Ph.D in English Literature
Faculty: Literature and Human Sciences


Oral Reproduction of Stories for the Students of English Literature
Type Book
Oral Reproduction; Short stories; English; Literature
Researchers Omid Amani


Oral Reproduction of Stories for the Students of English Literature is designed as a textbook for undergraduate students of English literature. What distinguishes this book from other books published with the same topic available in the market is that the present book is specifically proper for the students of English literature. In fact, it tends to (1) help students reproduce the stories in the classroom in their own words in order to improve their speaking skills, and (2) make students familiar with the literary elements used in short stories as regards characters, plot and theme, among others. The book offers a selection of stories that are varied and come from different parts of the world. The first part in each chapter is devoted to some important words taken from the stories. Also, for each story a prereading activity is included to develop students’ interest and to help them draw on their own experiences and background knowledge. In line with that, post-reading questions at the end of each story encourage students to (1) respond personally to the story; (2) retell and expand on the story; and (3) focus on specific literary elements of the story. It is also recommended that, apart from the close reading of the stories for analysis, the instructor can ask students to do some brief research on the context of each story (historical, cultural, social and political).