May 25, 2024

Sahar Jamshideyan

Academic rank: Assistant Professor
Education: M.Sc in علوم انسانی
Faculty: Literature and Human Sciences


Title Ethics of Sensibility in Tom Wolfe’s Back to Blood
Type Article
: Emanuel Levinas; feminine other; absent father and overpowering mother; Luce Irigaray; ethics of Eros.
Journal Papers on Language and Literature
Researchers Sahar Jamshideyan


Tom Wolfe in Back to Blood (BB) has breathed new life into the “emotion[ly] anesthetized” contemporary fiction by celebrating feeling, emotion, sensibility, and responsibility for the Other in the same way that Emanuel Levinas has revived ethics of sensibility in the twentieth century by recognizing sensibility as being more ethical towards the Other than those ethics found solely on pure reason. In this paper we argue that while Back to Blood is generally in keeping with Levinasian ethics of sensibility, it also challenges the limitations of Levinas’s approach and gets closer to Luce Irigaray’s ethics of Eros which is based on love and respect both for one’s self and the Other.