June 23, 2024
Vahed Ghiasi

Vahed Ghiasi

Academic rank: Assistant Professor
Address: Assistant Professor of Geotechnical Engineering Department of Civil Engineering Faculty of Civil and Architecture Engineering Malayer University - Iran
Education: Ph.D in عمران
Phone: 09186363702
Faculty: Civil Engineering and Architecture


  • PhD. in Ph. D Civil Engineering,Geotechnical Engineering , Universiti Putra Malaysia(UPM) , Malaysia (2007 - 2012)
    Thesis title: Effects of weak rock geomechanical properties on tunnel stability

Research interests

  • Tunnel Engineering
  • Foundation Engineering
  • Soil Mechanices
  • Slope Stability
  • Soil Improvement, Soil Stabilization
  • Rock Mechanices
  • Numerical Modeling


Research activities

Journal articles
Vahed Ghiasi (2023) Numerical Evaluation of Two-dimensional Multi-layer Cover System to Regulate Acid Mine Drainage of Tailing Dams international journal of engineering: 36(10); 1839-1856
Vahed Ghiasi (2023) Geopolymer vs ordinary portland cement: review of the 3-d printing of concrete Applied Engineering and Technology: 2; 133-152
Vahed Ghiasi, Mahyar Yousefi (2023) Landslide risk zoning using support vector machine algorithm Geomechanics and Engineering: 34; 267-284
Vahed Ghiasi (2022) Optimization of the bearing capacity of shallow foundation Reliability Engineering and Resilience: volume 4 issue 2; 1-22
Vahed Ghiasi (2022) Optimization of invasive weed for optimal dimensions of concrete gravity dams Journal of Soft Computing in Civil Engineering: 7; 87-100
Vahed Ghiasi (2022) Earth Dam Behavior under Earthquake Movements- An Overview Reliability Engineering and Resilience: Volume 4, Issue 1 - Serial Number 7 June 2022 Page; Volume 4, Issue 1 -
Vahed Ghiasi (2020) Numerical and artificial neural network analyses of ground surface settlement of tunnel in saturated soil SN Applied Sciences: Ghiasi, V., Koushki, M. Numerical and artificial n; 1-14
Vahed Ghiasi (2019) Numerical study of the effects of bed resistance and groundwater conditions on the behavior of geosynthetic reinforced soil walls Arabian Journal of Geosciences: Arabian Journal of Geosciences (2019) 12:729 https; Arabian Journal of G
Vahed Ghiasi (2018) Seismic response of buried pipes to microtunnelling method under earthquake loads SOIL DYNAMICS AND EARTHQUAKE ENGINEERING: Volume 113; 193-201
Vahed Ghiasi (2016) Analyzing the causes of delay in development projects by fuzzy analysis International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management: 34; 1412-1430
Vahed Ghiasi (2014) Diaphragm Wall-Tunnel Interaction in Saturated Soil Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering: Vol. 19 [2014], Bund. L; 2669-2678
Vahed Ghiasi (2013) Methods of Retrofitting the Foundation of Unreinforced Masonry Buildings Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering: Vol. 18 [2013], Bund. Y; 5747-5758
Vahed Ghiasi (2012) Effects of Cement–Sodium Silicate System Grout on Tropical Organic Soils The Arabian Journal For Science And Engineering: December 2012, Volume 37, Issue 8, pp 2137–2148; 2137–2148
Vahed Ghiasi (2010) Construction Regulations along Metro Alignment AUSTRALIAN JOURNAL OF BASIC AND APPLIED SCIENCES: Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences, ; 5972-6009
Conference articles
Vahed Ghiasi (2022) Tunnel squeezing potential classification based on rock mechanics properties Global Conference on Geology and Earth Science (Online Event, Mexico, Mexico city
Vahed Ghiasi (2022) Evaluation of Physical Models for Simulating Tunnel Lining Influenced By Fault Ruptures-An Overview 8th Iranian Rock Mechanics Conference, Iran, Shahrod
Vahed Ghiasi (2023) Recycling Masks & Gloves from COVID-19 in Civil Engineering ISBN: 978-6206183457


  • پيمان پوركرامت
    Name: Peyman Porkeramat
    Degree: PhD.
    Field: Civil Engineering
    Thesis: Evaluating the performance of steel structures subjected to post earthquake fire considering different ground motion intensity levels
  • اسماعيل موسي پور
    Name: Esmail Mosapour
    Degree: PhD.
    Field: Civil Engineering
    Thesis: Resistance of Voided Flat Slab Buildings against Progressive Collapse
  • فرزاد حيدري
    Name: Farzad Heydari
    Degree: Master
    Field: Civil Engineering
    Thesis: Evaluation of Behaviors of Lurestan Rudbar earth and Rockfill using Monitoring and back analysis
  • امين فرزان
    Name: Amin Farzan
    Degree: Master
    Field: Geotechnical Engineering
    Thesis: Investigating the behavior of the Geosynthetic reinforced soil walls in Different conditions
  • مبين مرادي
    Name: Mobin Moradi
    Degree: Master
    Field: Civil Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering
    Thesis: Numerical Investigation of Deformation on Piled Raft Foundation Systems
  • احسان سابوته
    Name: Ehsan Saboteh
    Degree: Master
    Field: Civil Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering
    Thesis: Numerical Analysis of the Response of the Pile Group in Heterogeneous Soils Containing a Liquified Layer under Seismic Loading
  • ميثم حاج صفري
    Name: Meysam Hajsafari
    Degree: Master
    Field: Civil Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering
    Thesis: Compare the axial bearing capacity piles cylindrical, tapered and semi-tapered in the sand by numerical method
  • مهدي كوشكي
    Name: Mehdi Kushki
    Degree: Master
    Field: Civil Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering
    Thesis: Investigation of optimum distance in twin tunnel and its effect on tunnel soil
  • مجيد فولادي
    Name: Majid Foladi
    Degree: Master
    Field: Civil Engineering- Geotechnices
    Thesis: Investigation of displacement of the building adjacent to the excavation and its control with diaphragm wall

Executive activities

  • President of Nahavand University (2020 - 2021)
  • Dean of Nahavand Technical and Vocational College (2016 - 2020)
  • Head of Department(HOD) Civil Engineering, Malayer University (2013 - 2016)
  • Deputy of Head of Department(HOD) Civil Engineering, Malayer University (2012 - 2013)