May 25, 2024
javad gholami

javad gholami

Academic rank: Assistant Professor
Education: Ph.D in علوم پایه
Faculty: science


Title Palladium nanoparticles decorated Chitosan-Pectin modified Kaolin: It’s catalytic activity for Suzuki-Miyaura coupling reaction, reduction of the 4-nitrophenol, and treatment of lung cancer
Type Article
Kaolin , Palladium NPs , Chitosan-Pectin, Suzuki, Antioxidant, Lung cancer
Researchers javad gholami


A mild and efficient green protocol has been disclosed for tiny Pd NPs fabricated chitosan-pectin composite functionalized Kaolin (Kaolin@CS-Pectine/Pd). The post-synthetically modified biogenic material was characterized over a number of physicochemical methods like, FE-SEM, TEM, EDX, elemental mapping, XRD and ICP- OES. Catalytic efficiency of the material was investigated in the ultrasound assisted classical Suzuki-Miyaura coupling towards the synthesis of diverse range of biaryls and in the catalytic reduction of 4-Nitrophenol to wards the wastewater treatment. In both the protocols the catalyst exhibited excellent performances. Due to super-paramagnetism, the catalyst was easily magnetically isolable and reused in 10 cycles without considerable leaching and change in reactivity. The IC50 of the Kaolin@CS-Pectine/Pd were 66, 72, and 85 µ g/mL against NCI- H661, NCI-H1563, and NCI-H1299 lung cancer cell lines. The Kaolin@CS-Pectine/Pd showed the high antioxidant activity according to the IC50 value. It seems that the of recent nanoparticles is due to their significant antioxidant effects.