June 23, 2024

kiomars azizmalayeri

Academic rank: Assistant Professor
Education: Ph.D in علوم انسانی
Faculty: Literature and Human Sciences

Research activities

Journal articles
kiomars azizmalayeri, Mohammad Sharif Tahrpour, mohammad mohammadi (2021) Factor analysis of educational evaluation indicators of Iranian sports coaches Revista Tempos e Espaços em Educação: 14; 1-14
kiomars azizmalayeri, mohammad mohammadi (2020) A Study of Measuring the Effectiveness of the Questionnaire among Physical Education Users Progress in Machines and Systems: 2; 48-51
mohammad mohammadi, kiomars azizmalayeri (2016) The Relationship between Creativity and Job Self-Efficacy of Physical Education Coaches in the City of Malayer Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences: 7; 122-127
kiomars azizmalayeri (2016) The Relationship between Moral Intelligence with Organizational Development International Academic Journal of Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management: 6; 31-38
kiomars azizmalayeri (2016) The Impact of Structural and Functional Style of Teaching English Grammar on Students’ Academic Achievement of English Language Course International Academic Institute for Science and Technology: 1; 1-7
kiomars azizmalayeri (2013) Global Citizen Education in Elementary Curricula in Iran, Book Analysis and Teacher's Viewpoint European Online Journal of Natural and Social Sciences: 3; 2984-3001
kiomars azizmalayeri (2012) Effectiveness of Assessment patterns in chemistry Learning Life Science Journal: 9; 1979 - 1982
kiomars azizmalayeri (2012) The development of critical thinking skills in physics and sociology curricula Life Science Journal: 3; 1991-1997
kiomars azizmalayeri (2012) The impact of guided inquiry methods of teaching on the critical thinking of high school students Journal of Education and Practice: 3; 33-41