June 23, 2024
mohammad Kakavand

mohammad Kakavand

Academic rank: Assistant Professor
Education: Ph.D in Jurisprudence
Faculty: Literature and Human Sciences


Philosophy of sports and physical activity based on Islamic principles
Type Presentation
Philosophy, sport, physical activity, Islamic religion
Researchers mohammad Kakavand، mohammad mohammadi


Abstract Introduction: The issue of sports is an important social phenomenon in all advanced societies, the effects of this phenomenon have been analyzed from the point of view of various sciences, and almost all philosophical schools and religions have commented on it in some way, the holy religion of Islam also mentions sports Generally considered. The purpose of this research was the philosophy of sports and physical activity based on Islamic principles. From the perspective of Islam, man always deals with three things related to each other in the path of perfection and closeness; Individual, society and universe, human also has three physical, intellectual and sensual dimensions, which are: cultivation, upbringing and education. All dimensions of human existence, together and parallel, have always been the focus of the savior religion of Islam. Method: Descriptive-analytical research method which was done in a library and by reviewing various researches and books in this field. Conclusion: According to the results of the research, we conclude that sports itself is not the goal, but sports is a suitable means to acquire skills, and maintain people's health and readiness to perform more important tasks such as defending the Islamic land and protecting the religion of God and serving the people. God is Every athlete should have this spirit, in this regard, with more research in this field, we can avoid the idea that there is a negative relationship between Islam and sports.