April 18, 2024
Seyed Mehdi Mirmehdi

Seyed Mehdi Mirmehdi

Academic rank: Assistant Professor
Education: Ph.D in marketing
Faculty: Literature and Human Sciences


Title Investigating the effective factors in users’ satisfaction with social network sites
Type Article
online environment, social media, social network sites, user satisfaction
Journal International Journal of Electronic Customer Relationship Management
Researchers Seyed Mehdi Mirmehdi


Social network sites such as Facebook are considered as a subcategory of social media. These services have attracted the attention of the researchers and prompted them to investigate and analyse the users’ attitudes and behaviours in these sites. The aim of this research is to investigate the factors affecting social networks users’ satisfaction. To achieve this aim, a structural model was applied to analyse and test these factors among the Iranian users of a social network site. The results indicated that factors, such as time responsiveness, usefulness, hedonic values, ease of use, format, perceived privacy and personalisation, are influential in social networks users’ satisfaction, but utilitarian values have no effects on users’ satisfaction with social networks