March 31, 2023
Dariush Souri

Dariush Souri

Academic rank: Professor
Education: Ph.D in فیزیک
Faculty: science


Title DSC and FTIR Spectra of Tellurite-Vanadate Glasses Containing Molybdenum
Type Article
Differential scanning calorimetry % Fourier transform infra-red spectroscopy % Amorphous semiconductor % Glasses
Journal Middle-East Journal of Scientific Research
Researchers Dariush Souri


Abstract: The ternary TeO -V O -MoO amorphous samples of compositions in the range (0-60) mol% MoO 2 2 5 3 3 with constant amount of TeO equal to 40 mol% have been prepared by melt quenching technique. FTIR spectra 2 of pure TeO , V O , MoO powders and TeO -V O -MoO glass system were taken. The absorption bands in 2 2 5 3 2 2 5 3 the FTIR spectra of theses glasses are not characteristics of the mere oxide mixture, thus a chemical interaction between the three oxide materials. The similarity between the FTIR spectra of all glasses indicates a similarity in the network of these glasses and it is suggested that the glass structure is continuous tellurite network with vanadate and molybdate discontinuous. Also, the experimental DSC curves of mentioned glass systems have been investigated. The composition dependence of glass transition temperature implies a decrease in the rigidity of the network with increasing of V O content.