June 20, 2024
Alireza AbdiKian

Alireza AbdiKian

Academic rank: Associate Professor
Education: Ph.D in Theoretical Physics (Plasma)
Faculty: science


Title Drift ion-acoustic waves in a nonuniform rotating magnetoplasma with two-temperature superthermal electrons
Type Article
rotating plasma, drift waves, superthermal electrons, the modified
Journal Physica Scripta
Researchers Alireza AbdiKian


The theory of low-frequency (in comparison with the ion cyclotron frequency), long wavelength, electrostatic drift ion-acoustic waves (IAWs) is studied in a nonuniform rotating magnetoplasma with two temperature superthermal electrons. In the linear limit, the coupling of IAWs and drift waves by the density inhomogeneity is shown to produce a new wave mode which typically depends on the density gradient, the rotational frequency and the spectral indexes of superthermal electrons. In the nonlinear regime, an evolution equation for the drift IAWs is derived by the dispersion approach, and using the Jacobi elliptic function expansion technique its exact solitary and periodic wave solutions (namely, cnoidal and dnoidal) are also obtained. The properties of these solutions are numerically examined and it is found that they are significantly modified by the effects of the background density gradient, the superthermality of electrons and the Coriolis force associated with the rotational motion of ions.