June 20, 2024
Alireza AbdiKian

Alireza AbdiKian

Academic rank: Associate Professor
Education: Ph.D in Theoretical Physics (Plasma)
Faculty: science


Title Bifurcation analysis of ion-acoustic waves in an adiabatic trapped electron and warm ion plasma
Type Article
Ion-acoustic solitary wave; adiabatic trapped electron; phase plot; bifurcation theory
Journal Journal of Taibah University for Science
Researchers Alireza AbdiKian


Bifurcation analysis of ion-acoustic waves in complex plasmas in the presence of adiabatic trapped electrons and warm ions is studied. Using bifurcation theory of dynamical structure, the Hamiltonian system inculpated electrostatic potential is derived. Effects of physical parameters, such as T and σi, are shown on the analytical solitary wave solution. The numerical results show that parameters T and σi affect significantly on nonlinear electrostatic solitary waves. By adding an external periodic perturbation to unperturbed Hamiltonian system, we investigate quasiperiodic structure of the perturbed Hamiltonian system.